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here’s an image of indigenised hippieness:
perhaps I should wear flowers in the lapel of
my achkan/ kurta (what would you prefer?)
drag my charpai out to Wagah where the gate to India is
and play Yoko to John
(make love not war)…
think any lover will leap the fence?
Of course.
I won’t make public my intentions
until “wo” arrives,
so that a couple of days
under a neem tree,
I can claim I was protesting age
by fasting… and live to love another day

  • Rehan Ansari is a writer based in New York. Born in Karachi, Rehan Ansari lived and worked in India where he was a columnist for Mid-Day and Foreign Editor for DNA (Daily News and Analysis). His play Unburdened was staged in New York and Prague. He is working on a film and completing a novel.